Control RC models with a joystick


Already in the previous blog the possibility to control up to eight servos via a USB interface with a joystick, a PC and a PiKoder/SSC was described. Here we describe how to realize a wireless model remote control with a PiKoder receiver, the PiKoder/SSC RX. Bluetooth for command transmission.


First, the PiKoder/SSC RX must be connected to the PC at the operating system level. For this purpose, you first search for new Bluetooth devices in the device control.

After a short time, the Bluetooth module of the receiver should be offered. The PIN is “1234”.

With the “Connect” selection, pairing is done at the system level.

As the following view from the device manager shows, the coupling of the system also establishes two virtual serial interfaces, which we access later in the program for establishing a connection.

This completes the setup and the Joystick2SSC program can now be started as described in the previous post. Please note that you need a program version 1.1.0; in the original version, the Bluetooth virtual interfaces were not supported.

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